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Whataburger offering free meals to Houston first responders after flooding

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As flooding continues to plague the Houston area, Texas-based Whataburger is stepping up to offer first responders free meals.

First responders from a variety of agencies have been kept busy with numerous water rescues since Sunday.

"To honor those who are so instrumental in the relief efforts, Whataburger would like to welcome all uniformed first responders to join us for a free meal at any of our 129 Houston-area restaurants from noon today until Saturday, April 23 at midnight," Whataburger posted on Facebook.

Hundreds of comments flooded the post, thanking the restaurant for the offer.

"As the wife of a first responder who had to recover the body of someone who drove into a flooded underpass this gesture means that these first responders, many who work 24 hours, will at least have a hot meal to keep them going." Bettye Smith wrote.

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