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Group takes 4/20 celebration to the streets

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Ahead of April 20th, a day many use to celebrate marijuana culture, one Waco group wants to bring their message to legalize marijuana to the forefront. 

With signs in tow about 30 people met at the corner of Waco Drive and Valley Mills Drive all in support of their favorite plant.

Vietnam Veteran, Arthur Mayor, said marijuana provided a therapeutic release while he served overseas.

“I smoked cannabis every day and it kept me in the now I didn't worry about what happened yesterday and what would happen to me in the future,” Mayor said.

Not only did smoking provide relief for Mayor during service, credits marijuana for helping veterans deal with Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

“When I got out of Vietnam, I didn't really go through any PTSD but many troops don't have that option, so they come back with moral injuries of their minds because of the things that they have suffered.” Mayor said.

Mayor is one of the members of the Waco National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML). Executive director Clint Deuvall suggests that legalizing marijuana can create positive change, include a decrease to opioid abuse. Deuvall said had medical marijuana he may been able to avoid using painkillers to deal with life after serving in the military.

"It took me out of my life and made me completely addicted to opioids and I was slowly dying and the VA was allowing it unfortunately for my situation it's like a lot of other situations." Deuvall said.

Pew Research found that almost 52 percent of Americans support legalizing marijuana and that but 72 percent believe the enforcement of marijuana laws aren’t cost effective. An effort, Norml is trying to change.

"We've slowly been working on the legislature we need to understand that throwing people in jail for minor possession of a plant is a waste of tax dollars but it's a fruitless effort." Deuvall said.

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