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Lawmakers to create state chemical plant database

It's been exactly two months since the deadly west blast that killed 15 people and wounded hundreds. Monday state agencies met in Austin to discuss ways to make sure such a tragedy never happens again.

It was the second meeting for this group since the blast. Last month they met about the investigation into what cased that initial fire.

Monday, they focused on ways to keep the public informed and came up with some recommendations.

There are 16 fertilizer plants like the one in West scattered across the state so members of the House Homeland Security and Public Safety Committee say they want to create a website so you can find out if one of those facilities is near you.

The plant in West leveled homes and destroyed a nearby school, nursing home and apartment complex.

The Texas Department of Public Safety director said he didn't know if the state had ever researched where plants containing dangerous chemicals are located near places like schools.

Lawmakers also suggested adding signs outside of plants to tell people chemicals are present and the possibility of adding more safety inspections.

The committee is questioning if the West plant had enough oversight prior to the blast and examining whether all regulations followed.

At the end of the hearing the DPS director expressed his confidence in local governments and praised West officials and first responders for having an effective emergency management plan.

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