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Tell us about your storm damage

Storm Damage Tracker

Tell us about your storm damage!
We want to know how the storm hit in your area. Tell us about damage you see, send us pictures or even short videos of the damage.


Measure the largest hail stone
you can find. When you report
the size of hail, indicate if it is
an estimate or a measurement.

click here for a printable ruler

There are two ways to send us damage reports: You can email or submit written reports using the comment form below.

We want to see pictures of damage: down trees, scattered debris, overturned cars, etc. Sometimes a short written report such as "Golf ball sized hail in Moody" are extremely helpful during the storm.

As soon as it is safe! Your reports help us prepare those in the storm's path what to expect. Pictures after the storm are always helpful in determining the exact size and scale of the storm.

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