Boat ramps, campgrounds reopen after October flooding

Posted at 4:09 PM, Nov 30, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-30 21:12:51-05

Three boat ramps are now open at Lake Waco after the October flooding. 

The Flat Rock Access, Airport Beach and Twin Bridges boat ramps are back up and running.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers credits the help of volunteers like Larry Slagel as key to make it possible. 

On Thursday, they were picking up small debris and putting it on piles for a skid steer to pick up at Speegleville Park.

"We hauled a bunch of it off and burnt it. And we are getting some of the small stuff the skid steer can't pick up. It was pretty bad for a while," Slaged said.

Beside removing debris, crews are also touching up some damaged campsites and turning the power on again.

"I think we are in good shape, better than what it was in previous floods. It also helps that now we know that we are doing. We were prepared this time around," said Lead Park Ranger Michael Champagne said.

Other parks that had more damage like Reynolds Creek and Airport Park will require more work before they reopen.

"I think some electrical facilities are going to be similar to the last floods where they will need to replaced from sitting under water. We did lose some shelter tops at Airport beach again," Champagne said.

Last month, Lake Waco rose up to 20 feet leading to the closure of the parks. Currently, Lake Waco is almost one foot above normal. 

The Midway and Speegleville campgrounds will reopen until mid-December.

"I think they are going to really like it because they can come in and they are not going to have to worry about all the trash that is in the way. We had it cleaned up enough that they can camp and enjoy themselves," Slagel said.

There is no estimated reopening date for Airport Park and Reynolds Creek.

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