Husband of the year builds wife second penthouse in a tree

Posted at 5:43 PM, Nov 09, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-09 18:43:54-05

By Judd Davis

CECIL, AL (WSFA) - Be careful what you ask for, or at least be more specific.

Two years ago Fay Prickett told her husband, Ren, she wanted a little tree house to relax in and enjoy nature on their property in the Montgomery County community of Cecil.

“I was like yeah, I can do that,” her husband said.

“What I envisioned was a place to sit and drink coffee," Mrs. Prickett admitted. "He went a little overboard.”

So tree house No. 1 has a bed, TV, and a heating and cooling unit. Oh, and it has running water. The couple fell in love with it and sleep there three or four nights a week.

Then, Fay had another request.

“I said, ‘Can you build me another tree house that we could go down and eat in?’" she asked, "'Like a dining room tree house?'”

So Ren went back to work. He’s pretty humble about his ability to build things., but when you look around you can see he’s extremely talented.

“I have done some buildings and some rooms,” he said. “I just like to dibble with things, you know?”

This is a lot more than dibbling.

Ren’s second tree house has vaulted ceilings (yes, you read that correctly), fancy railings on the staircase, and a deck with a little table outside so Fay can do her dining. He did it all, and Fay has learned her lesson.

“When I ask for something, I know it’s going to be big,” she said.

As for tree house No. 3? They’re not sure if that will happen; well, unless Fay asks for it.

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