O. Gloria Okorie

Digital Content Producer

O. Gloria Okorie joined KXXV in Central Texas as a digital content producer in February 2022.

While she was born in Louisville, Kentucky, she was born to Nigerian immigrants.

Growing up she aspired to be many things: a lawyer, a novelist, an actress, a screenwriter, and now a journalist. One thing that remained constant in her career decisions is that she wanted to tell a story of some sort, and right now that is in news.

She attended Northern Kentucky University in Highland Heights, Kentucky, obtaining a bachelor of arts in Electronic Media and Broadcasting, with minors in French and Creative Writing. O. Gloria first worked with the E.W. Scripps Company in June 2021 as an editor and associate producer at WLEX before transferring.

Her passions include traveling to new places and advocating for social justice- both of which are reflected in her creative stories. Things she enjoys are streaming new shows, trivia, viewing infographic videos, and skincare.

Much of O. Gloria's past experiences focused mainly on film; during her studies, as an intern, and also as a small on-screen participant a few times.

One of her longtime goals is to travel to every single country in the world.

She speaks conversational French and aspires to learn her mother tongue Igbo.

While many people want to focus on news localized and familiar to them, O. Gloria likes to push the boundaries a little and expose others to embrace the unfamiliarity and the unknown.

Many want to be the 'voice for the voiceless' while O. Gloria wants to help pass the mic.



7:03 PM, Feb 05, 2019