Deer crashes through school bus windshield

Posted at 9:03 AM, Oct 31, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-31 10:03:49-04

Five students were treated for minor injuries but a school bus driver will require surgery after a deer crashed into the front window of a school bus Tuesday morning in Dartmouth, Massachusetts.

But the driver managed to think fast and protect the students.

"My bus driver, Mark. He stood up and his hand was all bloody and blood on his face. He had blood on his leg and he just told everyone to get off the bus. Then he did a head count."

They were on their way to school when the buck ended up right on the lap of the driver Mark Jordan.

Shoe was sitting in the row behind Mark.

"So I was just doing that. My friend grabbed me, I tucked under her as the deer came flying at us because where I was sitting, the deer's head was right there. So I probably would have got hit or something by the deer. So she grabbed me for me under her arm."

The driver brought the bus safetly to a stop.

"When you look at the images of the crash, it's incredible. Number one, how it occurred. And number two, that he was able not only to survive that impact, but also walk away from it relatively unscathed after safely pulling that bus over," said police.

Mark Jardin suffered a severely broken hand, but still got the kids out of the bus and over to a nearby yard.

"I was fortunate enough, though, where it happened. There was a driveway that was a enough room for the kids to all get there and all be together and all be accounted for. And I was bleeding and the kids were more concerned because I didn't even realize it," said Jardin.

The driver's wife said, "His priority was those kids and he got them to safety and then the ambulance said, 'you need to get in the ambulance."

Police say the deer was first struck by a car -- the impact launched the animal into the bus.

All five injuries among the students was minor.