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Forever Families: Meet Skyy, Junior and Zailey

Posted: 3:25 PM, May 01, 2019
Updated: 2019-05-01 20:10:32-04
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(KXXV) — Three siblings, 6 years old and younger, are hoping to grow up together.

Khrystina (Skyy), Zachary (Junior) and Zailey are an adventurous bunch who just want a forever family.

The trio has a bond that remains strong even though they've spent so much time apart.

"We would really want them together because they've been separated for so long and they really miss each other and they've expressed that they want to be together," said CPS Adoption Caseworker Yareli Sillero.

If you can catch up with them, their hearts for each other are clear.

"Skyy's in preschool. I'm in first grade and Junior is in kindergarten," said Zailey.

They love the things that make childhood magical like candy and paddy cake.

"Lollipops!" said Zailey.

"And Gummies," said Skyy.

But they've had to spend time apart and just want to find a forever family.

"We used to have a mom and dad but now we don't live with them anymore," said Zailey.

Sillero says they will work to find a family that can match their energy and affection.

"They will tell you how much they love you. They'll hug you. They're just so sweet. Their conversations between each other, it's like you're watching three little adults," said Sillero.

"We're sisters!" said Zailey and Skyy in unison as they hugged.

You can read their bio in The Heart Gallery of Central Texas , a program of Partnerships for Children .

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