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Family of missing soldier believes he is safe, wife paints a different picture

Posted at 6:03 PM, Jun 28, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-28 19:03:03-04

On Wednesday June 23, Fort Hood Soldier, Spc. Abram Salas II was reported missing after he failed to reporter to work that day.

Officials say the initial investigation appears that Salas left on his own, for unknown reasons and credible information says he may be in the San Antonio area.

Family members tell 25 News contact with Spc. Salas has been made. At this time, they believe, he is safe and unharmed, but still do not know his exact whereabouts. However, his wife paints a different picture.

Maria Sanchez Salas said she married Spc. Abram Salas, on June 18th, days later he went missing with no explanation.

“My main concern is why he don’t want to come back, and why he doesn’t know why he left like this," Maria said. "I told him, when are you going to be back when are you going to come back, and he was like I don’t know."

She claims she spoke to her husband earlier today and he did not sound in his right mind. So, she came to Ft. Hood and filed a complaint, on his behalf.

“I came here today to Ft. Hood because I opened an investigation about his leaders on top of him with his previous unit that he was with,” Salas said. “I know that he was under a lot of stress because of his job because he was very depressed about his job, he asked me several times to pray with him.”

Maria said Abram is very connected to his faith.

A family member telling 25 News saying he contacted his pastor earlier today. They family also says they had no idea Spc. Salas was planning on getting married until they saw a social media post by Spc. Salas last week. Some family members suspect his wife, a couple years his senior, had some involvement in his sudden disappearance.

Maria says after Abram disappeared, she was distraught, especially after receiving threatening messages. Mrs. Salas said many of the messages she was being accused of being involved with her husband's disappearance.

“I deleted my Facebook page because I was receiving too many messages, bad messages from different people saying that I was doing things to him and I'm not,” Maria said.

Maria said her husband talked about having problems on post but did not give any specifics.

“He is such a great friend and I just hope that he is going to be able to come home safely," a friend of Salas said. "I really hope that he does come back.”

With no explanation or confirmation of his whereabouts, Mrs. Salas says she just wants her husband to come home.

“It’s the same emotion, I love him, and I care about him,” she said.

25 News did reach back out to some immediate family members, for an update but haven't heard back.

At this time Salas is being classified as absent unknown.