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Bipartisan I-14 expansion project faces challenges in years ahead

Posted at 7:31 PM, Aug 10, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-10 20:31:09-04

With the upcoming I-14 expansion, questions are raised on what comes next? Is there any red tape that needs to be cut through, and when will this become a reality?

It’s wheels in motion for travelers and lawmakers.

The bipartisan I-14 expansion project could be underway very soon, but even though decisions are being made on Capitol Hill, we won’t see progress here in Central Texas for quite some time.

"This is just the first step,” Larry Meyers, with the I-14 Coalition, said.

Meyers said the 15-year long project will connect small communities in West Texas all the way to Georgia.

"It's pretty ambitious transportation, but Texas has always been big on that, and legislation has been pretty generous,” Meyers said.

It’s the first time in a long time. Texas has not seen a change in its roads since 1956 and people associate that with President Eisenhower's administration.

Jake Smith with TXDOT said it can include design, all the way to funding, and how it was impacting the area.

"The process is thorough and rigid and that's the betterment of the state and taxpayer money,” Smith said.

While we’re stuck at a red light on moving forward we proceed with caution because the road is long.

The commission said while it will take some time, the benefits for Killeen are worth the wait.