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Farm Friday helps adults with disabilities to practice independency & gain life skills

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Posted at 1:43 PM, Jul 29, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-30 01:12:01-04

BRYAN, COLLEGE STATION — The Aquatic Greens Farm supports adults with disabilities by giving them an outlet to work and gain life skills.

Sharon Wells has over 20 workers who all enjoy growing produce using sustainable techniques and selling them each Friday during their Farm Fridays!

All the products sold are handmade using plants they've grown or art pieces handcrafted. Each worker has a chance to work at the cashier desk or in the bakery, as they sell baked goods as well.

The aquatic greens farm is a place where working hard is done with a smile. Adults with special needs not only grow fresh produce but also gain important life skills.

The Aquatic Greens Farm host a farm Friday every week where they sell their baked goods and produce.

Sharon wells, the owner of the AG farm provides a safe space for adults with special needs to learn things like customer service and how to sustainably grow produce.

”Help total the amounts of the customers that I help check out and then right over here I hand the bag to them and help bag their food up,” said Brandon Bunch, Aquatic Greens Farm worker.

But for community members checking out all their handmade products what you can’t see is all the hard work put in to make it all happen.

”They moved rocks out of this greenhouse so some of our people in wheelchairs can come in here and start working, really, they get great attitudes today is going to be another hot day and they’re all out here, they’re all working,” said Sharon Wells, owner of Aquatic Greens Farm.

And her workers do it all with a smile on their faces.

”Yea, we grow lettuce and all kinds of stuff,” shared Caleb Benner, Aquatic Greens farm worker.

Wells says she has over 20 workers and is happy to see the farm and her workers growing.

”Watching how much they’re learning and growing and how excited they are about being here and then yeah, the community coming out Fridays to support them is really encouraging,” said Wells.

Workers like Brandon Bunch say the experiences that they’re given are life-changing.

”Had it not been for my mom helping me find this job when I was laid off at the Hilton a while ago, I wouldn’t have a job to come to,” said Bunch.

Check out the Aquatic Greens Farm - Farm Friday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. each week.