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HOW TO: Protecting Your Home From Wildfires


Fire protection for your house and safety for your family can be increased if you follow some key guidelines before dry weather and high winds bring the threat of wildfires to your area.

• Choose fire resistant materials and protective roofing. Stone, brick and metal provide more protection than wood.

• Cover all vents coming out of attics and eaves with metal mesh screens. Mesh size should be no larger than six millimeters or ¼ inch to stop debris from collecting in the vents. This also helps keep sparks out.

• Install multi-pane windows, tempered safety glass or fireproof shutters to protect large windows from radiant heat.

• Use fire-resistant draperies for added window protection.

• Have chimneys, wood stoves and home heating systems inspected and cleaned annually by a certified specialist.

• Insulate chimneys and place spark arresters on top. Chimneys should be three feet above the roof.

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