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Killeen Daycare Ordered Closed During Investigation

by Haley Baker

KILLEEN-   A judge ruled against a temporary injunction brought on by the owner of Little Blessing Daycare Wednesday. 

The owner, Jackie Haile filed the lawsuit against the state hoping a judge would allow her  daycare to remain open during the Department of Family and Protective Service's investigation.  

This investigation was opened after a  4-month-old baby girl was sexually assaulted at that daycare center in Killeen on February 20.  

Terrance Beard, an employee of that business, admitted to the sexual assault and has been arrested for that offense.  News Channel 25 interviewed one of the employees of the daycare, who denied that Beard was working there at the time of the assault.  However, during the course of this injunction hearing it was made very clear by the owner and the detective working the case that in fact Beard was employed at the center.

On Wednesday, the third day of the injunction hearing, Judge Gordan Adams ruled against that request.  He said the court had to find the daycare didn't pose a risk to rule on the injunction, and at this time he said the court couldn't make that finding.

In an interview, Deryk Simmons, the father of the 4-month-old spoke out,"Terrance Beard has confessed to whatever he did.   I not only think it's his fault I also think it's their fault for allowing him to be in there with my child.  I'm basically looking for everyone who had the chance to stop it and didn't that they be prosecuted too, for the simple fact of allowing this to happen to a child.  Whether it be mine or anybody else's, it shouldn't happen to children."

But Little Blessing's attorney, Brett Pritchard disagreed with the ruling, saying the daycare licensing investigator for the sate can't prove the daycare is still a threat.  "When I asked her what the immediate threat was she kept saying Terrance Beard, Terrance Beard.  Well Terrance Beard is out of the equation and there's no reason the daycare shouldn't be able to open he's gone." 

The Killeen Police Officer assigned to this case took the stand during the hearing saying they're looking into pursuing other criminal charges including interfering with public duties and failure to report child abuse.

The owner of that daycare has appealed and is requesting an administrative review with the department. If the revocation is upheld, then she can request a hearing at the State Office of Administrative Hearings. But if that judge upholds the revocations the daycare then must shut down for good.

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