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General FAQs

Am I too young to have a joint replacement?

In the past this was often the thinking of doctors and patients needing replacements. Patients were told they needed to wait, they were to young to have a replacement. It would just end up needing to be revised or redone. With newer prosthesis on the market that last longer and doctors thinking changing, more and more people even in their 40's are having joints replaced now.

Am I to old to have a joint replacement?

If you are an active and healthy elderly person with limited activity due to joint pain, you may be a candidate for joint replacement regardless of your age. Age should not be the determining factor in having a joint replaced or not.

How long am I in the hospital?

Usual length of stay now is only 3 days.

Can I go home and do my own therapy after I leave the hospital or do I have to go to rehab?

Yes, each patient receives a "notebook" that demonstrates all the exercises. In addition to this each patient does the same exercises in the hospital that they would need to continue at home.

What is Joint Camp?

Joint Camp is a program that Providence started in July 2002. It is a comprehensive system of joint replacement recovery designed to improve patient's outcomes, improve function and decrease patient's length of stay in the hospital and or a rehab setting. It was designed to have patients share their experience with other patients having the same type surgeries. There are group therapy sessions as well as individual attention given to each patient. These patients are placed in rooms on the 4th floor deemed Joint Camp. It is a unit within a unit. It contains its own nurses station and has specially trained nurses and nurses aides who work there. Twice a day the patients make their way to the therapy gym for an hour session of physical and occupational therapy. We have a special celebration day each week with ice cream floats and popcorn. Fun pictures are taken for mementos. Once a year a "reunion" is held with the previous years patients all invited back for socializing, games and prizes.

When can I shower after surgery?

Usually your doctor will allow you to shower when you have no drainage coming from your incision About 2 days post-operatively.

When can I drive?

If your surgery took place on your right leg it will be longer than if your surgery was on your left side. You may be able to drive in as little as 2 weeks if your surgery was on your left leg. If your surgery was on your right leg, you may be able to drive in 4-6 weeks.

What is the Physical Therapist goal for JC patients?

Increase independence with pain free functional mobility. To help the patient be as functional as possible before discharge. To make transition back to home easier. Also to assure that patients fully understand all of the exercises they should do to enable their new joint to be as functional as possible. Also to work with hip replacement patients to ensure they understand all hip precautions to follow while their new joint is healing.

What is the Occupational Therapist goal for JC patients?

Increase independence with daily living skills with adaptive equipment. To practice all scenarios that you may encounter in every day life. E.g.: curb, ramp, stairs, bathtub transfers, car transfers, etc. Also practical skills such as getting dressed and putting on socks and shoes which can be especially challenging after a hip replacement.

What does OT stand for?

Occupational Therapy

What does COTA stand for?

Certified Occupation Therapy Assistant

What does PT stand for?

Physical Therapist

What does PTA stand for?

Physical Therapist Assistant

What kind of activities can I participate in after joint replacement surgery?

Low impact activities are encouraged. Walking, swimming, and hiking are all activities you may participate in. We discourage high impact activity such as skiing, running or racquetball.

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