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Murder Suspect is Working in Area Schools

By Jennifer Kent

AXTELL- Ronnie Hughes was arrested in January for allegedly killing his ex-wife.  Since then, he's been working for Axtell I.S.D.

News Channel 25 called the Axtell superintendent last week and asked him if Ronnie Hughes worked at the school district.  The superintendent said he doesn't discuss personnel matters. Since the names of school district employees are public information News Channel 25 sent him an open records request asking for a list of Axtell I.S.D. employees.  Thursday we found out Hughes, the accused murderer, does work in the Axtell schools.

Since the 45-year-old is an at-will employee, according to Axtell I.S.D. policy, Hughes' employment status is decided by the superintendent.

Axtell superintendent Stanley Harris told News Channel 25 again Thursday that he doesn't discuss personnel matters but he did say "at each step of the legal process we'll have to reevaluate things."

In January Hughes was allegedly trying to get back with his ex-wife Lana and she didn't want to resolve things.  Deputies said the couple got into a fight at her home in Elk and Hughes pulled a pistol out from under the mattress and fatally the mother of his children, in the chest.

Hughes was arrested for his ex's murder two weeks later.

It's common practice for school employees charged with murder to be placed on administrative leave until their case is resolved.  Hughes worked in Axtell schools the whole spring semester after his murder arrest and as it stands now, the alleged murderer will be working in the schools August 27th, when the fall semester starts.

Hughes' case has not yet been sent to the grand jury, so he has not had the opportunity to plead guilty or not guilty.

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