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About Us

Starr General Dentistry was started by Kent T. Starr in June 1974. Kent is in his 33rd year of practice. Taylor M. Starr joined the practice in 2004 and Martin A. Starr joined in 2006. The services offered here are plentiful. All types of restorative dentistry including tooth colored resin fillings, porcelain veneers, crowns and bridges, implants, dentures, teeth whitening, and pediatric dentistry.  Implants are the cutting edge of dental restorations. Many dentists restore implants (put a crown or dentures on top of the implant that is in the bone) after a surgeon places the implant in the bone.  What sets us apart in this area is that a patient can have both the surgical phase and the restorative phase completed in our office.  Another thing that sets us apart is that we are an extremely high tech office with digital radiography, computerized charts, intra-oral cameras, hard/soft tissue lasers, and a laser used for detecting decay before it spreads too deeply into the tooth.

Because this is a father and son practice, we have an excellent understanding for our patients' family needs. In addition, we have a tremendous amount of fun working together. This probably brings the most joy to all of us.  The reason we chose dentistry as a profession is so we can help others.  Whether it it boosting someone's self esteem by giving them a new smile or giving someone more chewing capability with their dentures by placing implants, our greatest rewards comes from helping others. An advantage of working with family is that we share the same philosophy in life and in our practice. Our #1 priority and concern is our patients' well being. We pride ourselves that the Starr family name stands for honesty, integrity, and kindness.

We are also community leaders.  Kent has been chairman of the deacons at First Baptist Church of Waco, President of the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners, President of Western Regional Examining Board, and has been very active in the Waco community since he opened his practice here.  Taylor and Martin have both just begun their adult and professional careers in Waco and already have distinguished themselves as leaders in the community.  With their wives they have volunteered for Waco Cotton Palace, will co chair Kid's Zoobilee this year, are active in the Waco Symphony and in their church.

We believe education is a vital part of our practice not only for the patients but also for us. Dentistry is a continually evolving field where professional development is mandatory in order to serve our patients to the fullest.  We strive to educate ourselves on the newest advances in dentistry by participating in continuing education programs, reading a variety of clinical dental journals, and by discussing various dental topics with each other and other dental professionals.  Not only is our professional education important, we strongly believe in educating our patients.  This year we are partnering with News Channel 25 on a project called Health Connections in an effort to promote and educate the entire community about oral health.
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