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We are Pioneers at Heart

The Heart Hospital at Providence never rests.  We're always pioneering new advances in innovative health care technology.  Some of our recent cardiac breakthroughs include:

Waco's first Drug-eluting Stent.

Heart patients often suffer reblockage in coronary arteries that require additional operative procedures.  Now heart patients at Providence can receive the most highly anticipated medical device for treating clogged coronary arteries: the drug-eluting stent.  This new medical device is available in Waco at Providence Health Center - one of the first hospitals in the United States to provide this procedure.

This new treatment combines an outstanding stent platform with a unique drug delivery system which makes minimally invasive heart therapy an option for many more heart patients.  It represents an entirely new interventional therapy that prevents heart vessel reblockage, and minimizes the need for additional procedures. 

Waco's first Magnetic Navigational Electrophysiology Lab.

This innovative diagnostic system represents the world's new standard of care in cardiovascular disease diagnosis and treatment.  It uses computer-controlled magnets outside the body to steer magnetically charged catheters and guidewires rapidly and precisely in certain types of cardiac procedures, such as angioplasty.  Doctors use a "joystick" to navigate medical devices like stents throughout he patient's body, resulting a in three-dimensional images of the heart displayed on flat-screen monitors.  This state-of-the-art equipment currently has two uses.  One is for coronary intervention applications that help with structural problems of the heart such as blocked arteries.  The other application involves electrophysiology which precisely identifies and isolates problems with the heart's rhythms.  Providence is one of the first hospitals in the world to secure this new, innovative technology.

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