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Chilifest clarifies new alcohol rules, saying BYOB is still happening - but no bagged drinks

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Chilifest, Inc. has changed the rules, again, now allowing people to bring alcoholic beverages the festival, according to Chilifest, Inc.

Chilifest has decided to make pre-sale on option, and Friday, April 5, will still be BYOB like it has been in the past. As always, Saturday will not permit BYOB, which are the same rules from past years.

However, one rule is different, bagged drinks will not be permitted due to the safety of the patrons. 

Here is the full statement from the Chilifest Chairman:

"Chilifest fans!  We know some of you have expressed concerns about the implementation of Pre-Sale of alcohol and we value your opinions. The thousands of patrons that come out every spring are what makes this festival one of the most highly anticipated Texas country music festivals. We work closely with patrons of the event, and we always look to improve the experience of Chilifest fans. This, along with our charitable donations, are the two most important aspects of the event.

The benefit of Pre-Sale is having your beer and other alcoholic beverages, of a large variety of brands, brought to the grounds waiting for pickup by your team. All this, at a competitive per-case price similar to local stores. This option will still be available for Chilifest 2019 and we encourage teams to make use of this service. It is intended to create convenience, improve safety, and is one of our many initiatives aimed at raising additional money for the 35+ charities we donate to annually across the Brazos Valley. As a non-profit organization, this has and always will be important to us. 

With that being said, Chilifest has decided to make Pre-Sale an option, and Friday, April 5th will still be BYOB as it has been in the past. We look forward to teams coming out and enjoying another great year, while utilizing both options available to them. 

As always, the BYOB aspect of the event will be limited to Friday. Saturday will not permit BYOB, which are the same as rules from past years. One rule that is different from last year, is that bagged drinks will not be permitted. This comes from our first responder team, due to the safety of our patrons. 

We strive to continually improve the event, and look forward to making this the best Chilifest yet. Changes to this policy are being updated, and more information on Pre-Sale and current rules will be available on our website as soon as possible. 

Thank you,

The Chilifest Chairmen”

When Chilifest baned alcoholic beverages to be taken inside, people who were not happy about it took to Twitter.

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