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Former foster child finds place to call home with new cheer sisters

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Each year, Black History Month is honored as a time to celebrate the achievements of African Americans and remember their role in U.S. history. 

One Central Texas teenager shared without those who came before her, she would not be where she is today.

Growing up has not always been easy for 14-year-old Destiny Grimes.

"I got taken away from my mom, because she was abusing me and my brother and my sister, and we were just basically moving around from home to home," said Destiny. 

She eventually was separated from her sister and brother.

"And I was just in foster care for a long time," said Destiny. 

It's been a long time for her, until she met her new mom and dad. 

"We was her 12th home once we received her in foster care, and we received her in January of 2012," said Angela Grimes, Destiny's adoptive mom.

Adjusting to her new life was a challenge, but Destiny put her passion into cheer.

"It has definitely brought her like a lot of confidence far as within herself. She's very driven," said Angela. 

Her coaches, who were displaced after Hurricane Katrina and started Rising Stars 3lite from the ground up, said they, too, know how it feels to be an underdog.

"Me and my sister got in here. We put the floor down we painted every wall put the mirrors up we did this," shared Keshawn Roberts, co-owner of Rising Stars 3lite. 

The sisters, who co-own the cheer, dance and tumbling studio, shared they followed their dreams and it's a message they try to instill in their students.

"We are also very beautiful, and we are very educated, and we know what we're doing, so when we step out on this floor we try our hardest to be what God made us to be," said Destiny. 

Black History Month is celebrated each year and people take the time to honor those who came before them. Destiny shared without those who fought for her rights, she wouldn't be able to cheer, dance and tumble at Rising Stars 3lite. 

"We have to remember that those people before us also did have to walk, have to sit in the back of the bus... just to get to where we are. They died to help us out," said Destiny. 

"Today we're still living in those days, in some cases, and to have a place for those girls to escape to not be in that world, that cold world that some of them feel like it is. It's a blessing," said Roberts.

Destiny added she is thankful for her new family and she is glad she is able to celebrate her history.

"The girls... we're like one big happy family," said Destiny. 

Since the studio opened in 2017, the girls have banned together and gone on to win at least 15 cheer competitions. 

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