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9-year-old saves grandpa during diabetic episode

(Source: WCVB/CNN) (Source: WCVB/CNN)

SOMERSET, MA (WCBVCNN) - He is just 9 years old but people are already calling this boy a hero after young Kazin Crisman kept calm and got help when his grandfather suffered a medical emergency.

Saturday afternoon Kazin and his grandpa Allan Crisman were hanging out and about to head out to lunch when something went wrong.

"He was acting really strange. And I knew something was wrong because you were stepping over pedals and stuff,” Kazin said. “I asked him do you want me to call 911 and he didn't answer me at all."

Kazin was sitting in the backseat waiting for his grandfather to start up the car to go get some pizza but nothing was happening.

"I asked him, do you want me to call 911? He did not answer me all the four times I asked him. I knew something was up," he said.

Instead of panicking the fourth-grader says instinct took over.

He got on the phone and down 911 immediately.

Within minutes, police along with EMTs were at his grandfather’s Somerset home trying to figure out what grandpa's medical emergency was.

Turns out the 80-year-old is diabetic and had a hypoglycemic episode.

Police crediting this little guy with saving his grandfather's life.

Allan agrees if Kazin didn't step up we'd be telling a very different story.

"If that had happened and I was here alone they'd have buried me that day," Allan said.

As a reward, police ended up buying Kazin a pepperoni pizza.

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