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Boy missing for months found alive in couple's attic crawl space

(Source: KTVI/CNN) (Source: KTVI/CNN)

BOURBON, MO (KTVI/CNN) - A 6-year-old Missouri boy who went missing last summer has been found alive in the crawl space of an attic.

Now the boy's mother and her boyfriend are behind bars, and the child is back with his father and stepmother.

Ryan Jones reunited with his 6-year-old son, Braedence, after months without seeing him.

In August they went to pick up Braedence from his mother's home in Camdenton, Missouri.

After the divorce, Jones was given custody. But Braedence’s mother, Aubrey Ferguson and her boyfriend were nowhere to be found and stayed hidden for months.

"They were moving around this area as well as a few different counties surrounding Camden County, relatives were assisting," said Arlyne Page, Camden County Sheriff’s Deputy.

State troopers and federal marshals joined the search.

Tuesday, they got a tip and found the three in a home one county over.

Authorities found mother and son were hidden in a crawl space in the attic.

"The boyfriend had already nailed the crawl space shut and had covered it with either a carpet or some place of cloth and had moved furniture and other items in front of it to block it," Page said.

Ferguson and her boyfriend are behind bars.

Braedence has not attended school this year and his dad said he was filthy.

"He mentioned that he hasn't had a bath, so we give him a bath,” said the boy’s stepmother Bre Dominguez. “He had dirt caked on him."

Braedence opened his Christmas presents this week.

His family is extremely grateful to law enforcement.

"We're definitely blessed for them, we're just so thankful,” Dominguez said. “Without them no telling where he could have been."

Ferguson is being held on two warrants, at least one for child abduction.

Authorities say more charges are being considered against Ferguson and her boyfriend and anyone who assisted the pair could face charges as well.

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