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Man caught on camera chasing tire on busy Houston highway

(Source: KTRK/CNN) (Source: KTRK/CNN)

HOUSTON, TX (KTRK/CNN) -  A Jeep Wrangler lost a tire while going down an interstate highway in Houston its owner was caught on camera chasing after his runaway wheel.

College student Mitch Chapman is all smiles as he drives his new Jeep Wrangler, but it's a new car that almost didn't make it home.

As his father drove it and he sat in the passenger seat along Interstate 45, something went wrong.

"We feel like the back end is wobbling around and that's when we thought we had the flat tire, and then he was thinking the rear end blew out," Chapman said.

The tire didn't pop, it fell off.

That's when Chapman spotted the bouncing tire, and bystanders captured the moment he went chasing after it.

"[If] the traffic was going I definitely would not have gone for it. But I looked and I saw all lanes stopped and merging lanes stopped, so I was like, right now it's either now or never, you know," he said.

Thankfully, Chapman was safely able to retrieve the tire, and got it back on the vehicle.

But not before checking the other three tires.

"All the other ones happen to be loose as well,” Chapman said. Luckily, it was only that back tire and not all four, you know?"

Thousands have watched as Chapman chased after the tire.

It's funny now, but Chapman knows just how dangerous this was.

"I didn't think the guy was wrong for doing it,” Chapman said about the man who recorded him. “I thought it was actually pretty funny and thanks to him now myself, and my family we're going to have something to joke about for however long you know."

Chapman says he went after the tire because it could have damaged other vehicles.

One mechanic says tires can fall off after improper repair work, and those incidents can be dangerous.

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