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Uber, Lyft lights illegal on Kansas streets

(Source: KWCH-DT/CNN) (Source: KWCH-DT/CNN)

WICHITA, KS (KWCH-DT/CNN) - Highway patrol troopers in Kansas say the glowing logos to help rideshare passengers identify their Uber and Lyft vehicles are illegal, ordering drivers to take them off their cars.

A Kansas statute is stopping rideshare drivers while they're in route. Lyft's "amp" lights and Uber "beacons" are illegal in the state.

Driver Christopher Hockett didn't know that when he was pulled over.

"I didn't know what I was getting pulled over for," Hockett said.

He's been driving for Uber and Lyft for a year.

Like other drivers for the ride-sharing companies, Hockett keeps a light in his windshield to let passengers know they have the right vehicle.

He's had the light almost as long as he's been driving.

"It's customer's safety. They know which car they're getting into," Hockett explained.

Right now, he only has the Uber light - but Lyft is sending him this pink light soon.

"I'm getting the amp, but now it's obsolete and I can't use it,” Hockett said. “And it's something that they recommend using."

According to Kansas statute 8-1729, passenger vehicles cannot use any other colored light in the front aside from white and amber.

The back can only have white, amber, or red. None of the lights can be flashing.

The company-issued Uber lights change colors and the Lyft lights are pink.

Even though companies recommend their drivers to have those lights, Kansas or the city of Wichita does not require it.

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