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Waco ISD kicks off program to help parents prepare children for school

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On Wednesday, the Waco Independent School District hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony for a program to help parents prepare children for kindergarten.

A nonprofit organization called Inspiración is providing classes and home visits during which parents learn about the early literacy skills.

Waco ISD Director of Early Childhood Gwendolyn James said the initiative, which started at Alta Vista Elementary School, will be beneficial for kids before starting school.

"Research shows that early intervention into high quality, early childhood instruction has high impact not only on literacy and children as they go through their educational experience, but also into post education and career and college ready," James said. 

Diana Martinez Gonzalez who is participating in the program is grateful for the support.

"When I found out I was pregnant, I was concerned about my child having a good education," Martinez Gonzales said.

Martinez Gonzalez who is not proficient in English plans to learn the language to help her daughter even more.

"Every day, we are learning together. It's never too late to learn," Martinez Gonzalez said.

According to Inspiración Board President Hector Sabido, during the bilingual sessions, parents also have the chance to learn English too.

"We are hoping through this program they are able to find that community and that family to help them get involved in their son's or family's education," Sabido said.

Transformation Waco, Waco ISD and Prosper Waco partnered to make the program possible. 

"Let Inspiración be a small example of the types of partnerships that will be necessary to accomplish our student outcome agenda," Superintendent Dr. Marcus Nelson said.

The program at Alta Vista currently serves 19 parents but it is expected to grow and expand to other campuses.

If parents from other areas of the district would like to sign up, you can contact Waco ISD if they are interested in participating.

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