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Bio box of former president George H.W. Bush

By The Associated Press

NAME - George Herbert Walker Bush, born June 12, 1924.

EDUCATION - Yale University, bachelor's degree in economics.

EXPERIENCE - Navy (1942-1945). Founded several oil companies before representing Texas in the U.S. House (1967-71). Ambassador to the United Nations (1971-73). Republican National Committee chairman (1973-74). Chief U.S. liaison officer to China (1974-76). CIA director (1976-77). Vice president (1981-89) and president (1989-93).

FAMILY - Wife, Barbara, who died in April 2018. Six children: Former President George W. Bush; John "Jeb" Bush, former Florida governor; Neil Bush; Marvin Bush; Dorothy Bush Koch; and Robin Bush, who died of leukemia in 1953.

QUOTE - "We know what works: Freedom works. We know what's right: Freedom is right. We know how to secure a more just and prosperous life for man on Earth: through free markets, free speech, free elections, and the exercise of free will unhampered by the state." - Inaugural address, Jan. 20, 1989.

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