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Traffic expected on busiest day of travel after Thanksgiving holiday


The Sunday after Thanksgiving is seen to be as the busiest day for travelers returning home after the holiday. 

AAA Texas projected that 3.8 million Texans will hit the roads over Thanksgiving weekend adding up to about 5 percent more than last year.

The good news, gas prices haven't changed much since last year. You can expect to be paying an average of $2.27 per gallon which is 31 cents lower than the national average. 

The Texas Department of Public Safety said drivers can also expect to see an increase of state troopers. Last year troopers gave over 73,000 traffic citations and warnings including 8,449 of those for speeding. 

Of the 28.3 million people in Texas, how many do you think hit the road Sunday?

One of those 28 million, Jessica Kearny aims to avoid the return from Thanksgiving rush.

"I don't really like traffic so I might try to hit a few back ways," Kearny said. "I have road rage sometimes but he keeps me in check. He's like mommy no."

All the traffic has store clerks like Mary Lalani, seeing more customers throughout the day. 

"2 to 2:30 maybe because little in the after late afternoon we get a little busy," Lalani said. "Some people started early morning today. I get lots of travelers here and they say hey we heading back home."

Travelers like Mimi Hines who's noticed traffic picking up as they get closer to home. 

"I think in Waco its the most traffic it started to pick up the closer we get to Houston," Hines said. "We bypassed Dallas this time and decided to come through Waco." 

Triple a said these drivers can expect the worst traffic of the holiday weekend, on Sunday as everybody who staggered their trip out of town. All head back at the same time.

While Sebastian Jurga timed it, wrong.

"I figured it was going to be yesterday actually, I thought it was going to be yesterday that everyone was leaving but then most people were leaving today in the morning," Jurga said. 

Meaning more cars, more frustration and Jessica Kearney looking for a way around it all to save her sanity.

"But it was a lot of commotion on the other side of the freeway so I know it's going to be bad going back," Kearney said.  

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