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Boa constrictor sets off alarm after escaping at Virginia high school

(Source: WJLA/CNN) (Source: WJLA/CNN)

ALEXANDRIA, VA (WJLA/CNN) - A slithery escape artist set off an alarm at a high school in Virginia on Monday.

A boa constrictor slipped out of his tank at Hayfield Secondary School’s science lab in Alexandria, causing some parents to worry.

"Have they found it, please tell me they located it because I was just in there and my child is in there," parent Cindy Wade said.

The snake is a Columbian red tail boa constrictor. Wade said that it is a big snake.

Animal Protection Police Officer Siobhan Chase said school security called him at 12:15 p.m.

"He [the snake] was a little freaked out when I popped up on top of the cabinet, he was like, 'Oh my god.' And then I just kind of picked him up and he was like, 'Oh, OK I'm used to this.'" Chase said.

The snake, named Buddy, was still in the science lab. The escape made some students uneasy.

"Yeah, I'm scared of snakes, I am really scared of snakes," student Adam Elkhasouani said.

Chase is not sure about Buddy's size, but he believes he became too strong for his tank, which was secured.

She put Buddy the boa constrictor back in the tank and secured it again. However, she piled a few biology books on top, just in case.

"They are a pretty docile snake especially when they are being handled regularly, so it probably is a pretty good animal to have in a science lab," Chase said.

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