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Deployed soldier writes song that became viral sensation

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Fort Hood to IRAQ -

Specialist Michael Dixon served in the National Guard before becoming an active-duty service member in the United States Army.

During his current deployment to Iraq, Spc. Dixon is proving he's a soldier first, but a musician second.

"We were placed at 10th Mountain out here in Iraq and, I don't know who left it, but someone had left a ukulele out here and I dabbled around with it a little bit and I was playing one day and Sgt. Major walked by and asked me to write a song for him," Spc. Dixon said.

"It started out to be what would have been a squadron song for Thunder Squadron and he sent me an 86-page book called 'Blood and Steel' that overlooks the history of the third cavalry regiment and once I read that I was very surprised. I guess its a good word of everything this unit has been through," Spc. Dixon said.

Spc. Dixon said he used all of the accomplishments to help him write the song.

"I just tried to piece together portions so the song wasn't too long or too short or too in depth," Spc. Dixon said. "To him, that was something that was really important and he wanted to look back on a year from now and think 'man, I had a good time out there with all those guys.'"

And now 25,000 views later, the song created for memories is a viral sensation.

"He said 'man, we have got to get a video so we can get you up on Facebook with this,'" Spc. Dixon said.

So, on the banks of the Euphrates River in Iraq, with the help of Combat Cameraman Spc. Javion Siders, "Blood and Steel" was born.

"We came back with this really awesome video that he made out there and it was pretty awesome, it was a good experience," Spc. Dixon said.

It was an experience Spc. Dixon said he is proud to be a part of.

"To my knowledge, no one else has written a song about 3CR and the importance of 3CR, to be a part of them and now to be the face of 3CR for a little while is a cool experience." 

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