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Passengers evacuate after train collision


Some very un-nerving moments on an Amtrak passenger train Saturday as a collision brings the train to a stop and strands passengers for hours.

The train collided with a car on Stephens road east of Hallsville, catching fire.

It was an unlikely source that investigators say brought the Amtrak train with 145 passengers on board to a stop.

"A vehicle was being towed over the tracks. The tow strap broke as luck would have it, the vehicle stopped right in the middle of the tracks. The conductor had a clear shot of the tracks and could see what was going on, he began a breaking procedure," said Harrison County deputy sheriff Jay Webb.

But the collision started a fire that heavily damaged the train engine and computer system.

"The engine is inoperable at this time," Webb says.

While no one was injured, without power the cars began to heat up, causing passengers we talked with at the time to have concerns.

An engine was sent from Shreveport to tow the train back to Marshall, meanwhile, buses were brought on from Tyler to evacuate the passengers to a local church.

"We're going to take the elderly and the very young off the train, the train is dead, there's no electricity or air conditioning on the train," said Webb.

Some had suffered heat exhaustion but were treated and released.

The passengers will be provided transportation by Amtrak to go on to their intended destinations.

The Amtrak train was towed back to Marshall for repairs.

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