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Terminally ill boy wishes to end abortion in Texas

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A Central Texas boy has a unique dying wish.

16-year-old Jeremiah Thomas from Waco is dying from an extremely aggressive bone cancer. But, he is not only fighting for his life, but also for those of unborn babies.

Jeremiah Thomas is advocating for pro-lifers statewide from his deathbed.

"There's cancer, and all cancer is bad, it's devastating to anybody that goes through it, and then there's this kind of cancer," Jeremiah's father Rusty Thomas said. "This is one of the most aggressive, fiercest cancers on the planet."

Ten weeks ago, Jeremiah Thomas was diagnosed with Osteoblastic osteosarcoma.

"That was the day that, you know, shifted everything and really turned our worlds upside down," Jeremiah said.  

Since then, Jeremiah has gone through chemo and radiation, suffered a collapsed lung and became paralyzed. But through it all, he's stayed positive.

"I told my son that what he's enduring, it doesn't produce character, it proves character," Rusty said. 

Jeremiah asked Governor Abbott to abolish abortion in the State of Texas.

"To have that come out of our son's heart, it's a very selfless act," Rusty said. 

"I could really see that this was not just my wish, but the wish of thousands, and thousands of Christians and abolitionists and pro-lifers from all around," Jeremiah said.

Governor Abbott called Jeremiah to tell him to keep fighting and to talk about his wish.

"Your wish is on the Republican party platform and it's what we're going to be pursuing this next legislative session. That's to outlaw abortion altogether in the State of Texas, and so your wish has been granted," Governor Greg Abbott said to Jeremiah over the phone.

Jeremiah told Central Texas News Now he always wanted to see abortion outlawed across the country before he died.

"But, if I can at least get it in my home state, I would love for that to be what I'm remembered by," Jeremiah said. 

Jeremiah will leave the hospital for the last time on Wednesday.

"This is going home and either he's going home and God's going to heal him, or he's going home to be with him," Rusty said. 

Jeremiah's parents said the time they have left with their son is a gift from God and one they will treasure as long as they can.

In addition to speaking with Governor Abbott, Jeremiah has received phone calls from Tim Tebow and Sean Lee of the Dallas Cowboys. 

Editor's note: An earlier version of this story referred to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. This has been corrected. Jeremiah Thomas' wish was in no part facilitated by the Make-A-Wish Foundation. 

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