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Dozens of car thefts reported in Central Texas this year

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According to the Waco Police Department, nearly 25 vehicles are stolen each month since the start of 2018.

Of the 103 reported vehicles stolen this year, 40 of those victims left their keys in their cars.

That number could be significantly lower if owners were more aware.

"That's the opportunity a criminal is looking for and if you provide that, chances are they're going to seize that moment and your vehicle is going to be gone," said Sgt. Patrick Swanton.

In Temple, the number of reported stolen vehicles is roughly half of what was reported in Waco, with a total 47 stolen vehicles.  

The same trend applies to Temple when it comes to those who left their keys in their cars, 19 people left their car unattended.

In Waco, the top 5 models thieves are targeting are Honda Civics, Chevrolet Silverado, Honda Accords, Honda CRVs and the Chevy Equinox.

Though these are the most popular vehicles, sometimes the popularity of items left inside are just as appealing.

"A lot of the car thefts we have and a lot of the burglaries of motor vehicles we have, occur because simply they are crimes of opportunity for a criminal who just happened upon your property because it was convenient for them," said Swanton. 

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