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April the giraffe's baby celebrates 1st birthday

The giraffes at Animal Adventure Park enjoy an Easter treat. (Source: Animal Adventure Park/Facebook) The giraffes at Animal Adventure Park enjoy an Easter treat. (Source: Animal Adventure Park/Facebook)

HARPURSVILLE, NY (RNN) – By enjoying a cake, presents and a livestreamed party, April the giraffe’s calf, Tajiri, will celebrate his first birthday with his keepers, his parents and the rest of the world.

Tajiri, which means “hope” in Swahili, his mother April, his father Oliver and his keepers will celebrate the young giraffe’s birthday Sunday morning with a livestream beginning at 10 a.m. ET.

During the party, Tajiri or “Taj” will enjoy his own cake, made out of specially formulated giraffe food and topped with a carrot-and-cauliflower icing, according to the Press & Sun-Bulletin.

He will also receive edible flowers and enrichment toys for his birthday.

Little Tajiri was born April 15, 2017, at 9:54 a.m. ET, as millions of people watched live on Facebook or YouTube.

In the past 12 months, Tajiri has done a lot of growing. When he was born, he was 5-foot-9 and weighed 129 pounds, but now, he stands 10 feet tall and weighs almost a ton, according to WIVT.

At full size, he’ll reach about 18 feet tall and weigh around 2,700 pounds.

As of one month ago, Taj was 85 percent weaned from his mother, Animal Adventure Park says.

"We've watched his personality grow. He's weaning off his mother. He's becoming a much more independent and outgoing giraffe, kind of like his father, but still very engaging to our guests and responsive to carrot treats just like his mom," said the zoo’s owner Jordan Patch.

In addition to carrots, the zoo reports Taj likes romaine lettuce and “the spotlight.”

Patch expects Tajiri will be loaned out to another facility with a giraffe breeding program at the end of this season, WIVT reports.

The zoo will not officially open for the season until May 16, but fans can enjoy the giraffe livestream at any time by following the link on the website.

Animal Adventure Park is located in Harpursville, NY, which is about 130 miles northwest of New York City.

WARNING: The video is a livestream. Watch with caution.

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