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Mobile woman finds doctor's missing ring after 50 years

Mobile woman finds Port city doctor's ring Mobile woman finds Port city doctor's ring

A Mobile woman unearths the class ring of Port City doctor who lost it 50 years ago. Barbara Burgess took up metal detecting three years. Last month she was walking around a West Mobile neighborhood when she came across the long-lost ring. 

Little did she know that ring would reunite her with a man who's helped her before. Burgess said, "I got a good signal, dug it up, and it was a nice big fat gold University of Tennessee ring from 1970."

Burgess found Dr. Stephen Sheppard's class ring. Some treasure hunters might keep their finds, but Barbara felt differently. She called the University to get it back to its rightful owner. 

Dr. Sheppard said, "It was long, lost, and forgotten, that's exactly right." He doesn't remember how he lost the ring, but he used to live in the same area where Burgess found his keepsake. 

He said, "I think she got to be given the Sherlock Holmes award for the year, for finding it, because it's a minor miracle she found it after this long." When she returned the ring, she noticed the doctor had a familiar face. That's because years ago she was his patient.

Burgess said, "He had actually done surgery on my arm, 20-25 years ago. I had a wound that had a delayed closure. So they called him, the plastic surgeon to close the wound. So I actually knew him."

Although it doesn't quite fit the same way as it used to, Dr. Sheppard said he takes it with him everywhere. "I tried to give her a reward, but she said my reward is something that you valued from a long time ago," said Dr. Sheppard. 

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