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Focus of ATF raid in ETX has history of charges alleging intimidation, sources say

(Source: Fred Gamble/KSLA News 12) (Source: Fred Gamble/KSLA News 12)

The focus of an ATF raid earlier this week in the East Texas town of Hooks has a history of charges involving intimidation, sources say.

He was arrested in November on a charge of public intimidation for allegedly sending threatening letters to Bossier District Court judges.

Two months later, sources tell KSLA News 12, a warrant was issued for his arrest for allegedly sending a threatening letter to a Plain Dealing resident.

ATF agents raided his home Wednesday.

Hooks is your typical small, quiet, All-American town nestled in East Texas.

The community is the sort of place where families stretch back for generations and everyone is known by their first name.

That's why residents of the hamlet were shocked and upset that federal agents swarmed the residence on Avenue D.

Authorities have yet to say whose guns and militaristic items they seized and why.

Neighbors of the older couple who live in the house described them as warm, quiet, welcoming and kind.

"She's always concerned with others. As far as my children if they catch a cold. What am I giving them? Are they better yet? How are they doing in college? Just very kind," said a close family friend who asked not to be identified.

As for the man who lives there, the friend described him as a gun collector who has written books about firearms.

"People around town, naturally, that don't know him, like from Texarkana instead of Hooks, they'll be like 'They had all these weapons'," she said. 

"Nothing to worry about. They are not grandma and grandpa gangster. Far from it." 

Neighbors say there never was any suspicious behavior by the pair.

And that raises a number of questions about why ATF agents raided the home, residents say.

As stated, sources have told KSLA News 12 that the man whose home was raided is suspected of threatening some Bossier Parish officials. 

Those threats and the raid Wednesday are not linked but do involve the same suspect, they added.

The couple's family friend thinks the author's gun books could have been a factor in authorities' decision to raid his home.

"Maybe someone got frightened of him being so familiar with guns. Not just simple guns, but older antique guns and fascinating guns. Maybe someone got scared and called in something false on them."

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