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Baylor graduate chimes in on hope of Korea reunification

(Source: Stephen Kim) (Source: Stephen Kim)

Don't hold your breath if you want to see a united Korea. 

This is according to 2006 Baylor graduate and Houston-area native Stephen Kim, who talked exclusively with Central Texas News Now via Skype from Seoul, South Korea.

Kim teaches corporate English in Seoul. He works there legally as the son of Korean-born parents.

Stephen says he doesn't favor a united Korea right now for several reasons.

"I think, as someone from the South and whose family is from the South, I would be against it because, in Korea, the crime rate is very low," Kim said.

"You have very little theft, vandalism, things like that, and naturally, if you open up the border you would have many people from North Korea spilling into South Korea, and Seoul, as it is, has about 25-million people if you include the surrounding areas. Therefore, if you have North Korea, which has 25-million as well, and let's say half of them go south, Seoul is the closest city to the border, so naturally they'll try to inhabit Seoul, so you have 35-million in the city, and 10-million of which are brand new and have no jobs, and so I'm afraid what might occur." Kim said. 

Kim added a language barrier might also cause some discrimination against North Koreans if they were to move south.

"They have a certain accent of an old-style language of Korean that they don't use anymore in the South, so based on what I've heard, they don't get treated well anyway to where it's not much of an upgrade for them," said Kim.

He stresses there are some South Koreans who do favor reunification of the country that's been split since the end of World War II.

"You do have a few people who believe in reunification because North Korea does have a large amount of natural resources that have been untapped, supposedly gold, oil, and minerals of some sort," said Kim.

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