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Candidates are under deadline to remove campaign signs


The primary election season has officially ended, which means the campaign signs along the roads have to go.

“Anything can be a safety hazard if it's taking the drivers' attention of the roadways,” Texas Department of Transportation public information officer Kathi White said.

With a slew of signs still on display after the election the countdown to remove campaign signs has already begun.

“Candidates can put their signs up 90 days prior to an election,” White said. “And they are required to remove them within 10 days after an election.”

White says there is only one exception to the rule in which you can keep your signs posted.

“You know, if they make it to a runoff election they can keep them up, and 10 days after that election they have to bring them down,” White said.

TxDOT is responsible for removing signs along any state highway or along the right of way on the roads. White says cluttered right-of-ways are not just a problem during the political season.

“It’s all year long; there are people who put garage signs, posters,” White said. “People are setting up a weekend vegetable garden and they sit those out along the roadway. Those are not allowed.”

White says they are just trying to make sure the City of Tyler looks presentable.

“You put them up at a certain time, you take them down at a certain time, and again, the landscape just looks a lot better when it's clear,” White said.  

The 10 day time frame for candidates to remove their signs ends March 16.

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