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This guy found a 42-year-old message in a bottle on the banks of Lake Marion

(Source: Facebook) (Source: Facebook)

A Facebook post documenting a classic 42-year-old message in the bottle from the Upstate is going viral.

It started with Erik Richardson and his friend Ryan Frazier finding an empty 7-Up bottle on a river bank. 

"Best we could tell it just had some old gum wrappers and some metal beads or something rolling around in it, but it had us curious. The top was virtually welded shut and we didn't have any pliers, so we hid the bottle knowing we would be back in two weeks," Richardson wrote.

The pair returned weeks later, retrieved the bottle, and managed to wrestle off that pesky bottle cap. Still, Richardson said they waited a few weeks more to really take a look inside the bottle.

"Fast forward to a month after the end of duck season to me sitting in my room doing homework when it hit me, I never tried to get the paper out of the bottle! I got a screwdriver and was able to pull out, much to my surprise, a mostly legible letter," Richardson said.

The letter, dated April 10, 1976, said the following.

To finder,

I am in the 6th grade. I am twelve years old. I let this bottle go where the tiger rivers meet. I was fishing. I have 1 sister - 3 dogs - and plenty of friends. When you have finished reading this write another and let it go downstream.

Your pal,

According to Richardson, the bottle had quite the journey.

"It started out near Spartanburg, SC, traveled down the Tyger River, onto the Broad River, through Parr Reservoir, down the Congaree, and through Columbia & Congaree National Park to end up at its final resting place on Lake Marion," Richardson said. "Who knew one little bottle could go so far in 42 years! Who knows, maybe Mark will see this one day. Likewise, maybe I'll take his advice and let a letter of my own go downstream sometime."

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