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Police: Woman makes off with 87 stolen items as cashier gets purse to help pay

Kacie Lynn Zeringue. Source Thibodaux Police Kacie Lynn Zeringue. Source Thibodaux Police

A Thibodaux woman was charged after she stole 87 items of unpaid groceries while her cashier went to get her purse to help her pay for them, according to police. 

Thibodaux Chief of Police Bryan Zeringue said Kacie Zeringue, 30, was charged with felony theft and operating a vehicle with a suspended license.

On Thursday Zeringue had $221.65 worth of groceries scanned at a register at a business in the 200 Block of North Canal Blvd.

Zeringue scanned her EBT card and was it was denied.

According to the report, a few items were voided, bringing the total down to $203.25.

Zeringue told the cashier that she had another card in her vehicle.

The cashier offered to cover the $3.25 difference and Zeringue would cover the $200 remaining balance.

While the cashier went get her purse, Zeringue left the store with the 87 items of unpaid groceries, according to police. Zeringue then fled the area.

Officers went to Zeringue’s address at 2229 Bayou Road, and found the vehicle she was spotted in a few houses over from this location. Officers discovered that Zeringue had borrowed a vehicle and gave the vehicle owner some milk and a box of cereal for use of the vehicle.

When Officers made contact with Zeringue at her home, she was still in the process of picking up the food items.

Zeringue denied stealing the items, and when officers said they told her the items had to be returned she became irate and started throwing items around the house, according to the report. She was taken into custody.

Officers discovered that Zeringue had five previous convictions for theft and that she was currently on probation for theft of goods until October 16, 2018. of Officers also discovered that Zeringue’s license had been suspended.

Zeringue is being held at the Lafourche Parish Detention Center on a $10,100 bond.

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