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Flint man accused of stealing $50k while employed with jeweler

Justin Davis (Source: Smith County Judicial records) Justin Davis (Source: Smith County Judicial records)

Tyler police are charging a Flint man accused of stealing more than $50,000 from his employer over a period of six months.

Justin Bryant Davis, 26, is charged with third-degree theft. He was arrested on the charge on Jan. 26 and posted a $100,000 bond the same day.

An arrest affidavit released on Friday states Davis worked for American Gold and Diamond, located at 1608 S. Fleishel Ave. The owner of the business contacted police and told a detective that it appeared Davis was going back and altering the amount of cash being paid for jewelry being sold to the company by customers. The thefts appeared to have occurred between June and December of 2017.

On Jan. 8, police took the initial report from the owner, who said he started noticing money missing a few months back. He said he was going over his receipts and noticed one had been altered. He showed the officer a receipt for $500, which had been altered to reflect a price of $1,500. The owner said after altering the receipt, Davis would have removed $1,000 from the register.

On Jan. 22, the owner and private investigator met with the detective. They said they had finished their investigation and confronted Davis about all the altered receipts. They said Davis admitted to some and denied others and finally admitted to taking between $20,000 and $25,000. The affidavit states Davis admitted to the private investigator that he would write the ticket up and give the seller their money. Then, after he left the store he would add a “1” to the beginning or a “0” to the end, making the ticket look like the transaction was for more. Then he would put the extra money in his pocket, according to the affidavit.

The owner and PI then decided to get all the tickets possible and contact customers to see if they could confirm which tickets were altered and which ones were not. Many of the customers said the amount they received for their items was different than what was on the actual ticket.

The PI provided a spreadsheet of altered receipts, which showed a total of $52,262 in cash stolen from the business.

According to the affidavit, the PI contacted Davis’ previous employer, which was also a jeweler. The owners said their register and cash were off every day and it took her some time to even out the drawers. They said some days it was off just by a small amount and others it was a larger amount. They said the day after Davis left the business, their drawer was always correct.

Police obtained a warrant for Davis’ arrest on Jan. 25.

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