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Mom finally reunites with mystery nurse who saved her 2 sons' lives following horrific car accident

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A local mom finally met the man she says saved her two sons, Braden and Aiden.

Following a horrific car wreck, a team of Good Samaritans stopped on the side of Highway 431 Monday night to help these two boys. The boys' mom found all of them except for the one UAB nurse that everyone else gives all the credit to, but no one knew his name.

Tammy Poindexter knows all those people were put there that night for a reason.

"That was nothing but God," she said.

Alex Nelson and his girlfriend happened to be driving down that same road that night when they saw the wreck. He immediately jumped into action.

"I checked to see if he had a pulse and he had a pretty good pulse at that point," he explains. Another nurse had been giving him chest compressions because when she got to him his heart had stopped.

He says they then turned him on his back in case he had any neck injuries.

"He had a large laceration on his head and had lost a lot of blood," Nelson explained.

He called for something to keep Braden warm because of all the blood loss. A bystander handed him her jacket right off her back. Little did all these loving people know that the work they were doing in that moment would save these boys life.

On Thursday evening, Nelson woke up from working an overnight shift in the emergency room on Wednesday and he had several text messages about a news story.

"And one was from my girlfriend and she was like hey I think this is you they are talking about you," he said.

"I was pretty excited to hear how well they had been which was a miracle because if you had seen the wreck and how far from the car they were you would not think that anyone could survive that," he said.

Poindexter says she owes it all to him.

“He saved my kids I owe him everything. I owe him everything," she says tearfully.

Thursday she finally got to tell him that over video chat. "We have been looking for you." Nelson laughs and replies, 'That is what I heard."

And there are no words to describe how thankful she and her husband were for what he did to help. He says there was a whole team of people there helping their boys.

“God makes no mistakes," Poindexter’s husband said.

"That is right, I  do believe that God put us all there at that time for that reason," Nelson replied.

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