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Family of seven displaced by fire asking for community's help

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A family of seven whose house is inhabitable after a house fire last Thursday night is asking for the community's help. 

James Fabbre, 71, lived in the 700 block of N. 35th Street with his adopted family, which includes a married couple and their four children.

Fabbre has lived at the home since he was a child.

"A place where you have good memories and sometimes a few setbacks but this is the biggest setback right here. House burned up,” Fabbre said.

Fabbre is now staying with a friend and the rest of the group is staying with other family members.

"It just breaks my heart to see how sad he is and how heartbroken he is because it is his childhood home,” Christina Guimond said.

According to the Waco Fire Department, the electrical fire, which was unintentional, started in the attic.

Guimond’s daughter, Serenity Ross was the first one to notice the flames.

"I started hearing this crackling sound and like glass shattering and that's when I got up to see what it was,” Ross said. “I walked out and saw ashes falling out of the ceiling and I looked up and you got to see the fire in the attic doorway."

Ross woke up her parents and alerted them to the emergency.

"If it wasn't for her, we may not be here because the ceiling could've caved in on all of us and we wouldn't be here telling you our story,” Guimond said.

Guimond and the rest of the family refer to Ross as a hero but the middle schooler doesn’t think she is one.

"I woke up everyone up because there was a fire. I didn't want anything to happen to them,” Ross said.

Ross feels saddened to have lost family pictures left inside but she is grateful everyone is accounted for, including their pets.

The City of Waco put a red-tag on the home after inspectors determined it was unsafe for people to live in.

The family received help from the American Red Cross. In addition, the three children who attend Crestview Elementary and Tennyson Middle School have received school supplies and clothing from their campuses and Waco ISD’s Homeless Outreach services.

Guimond’s husband has also received assistance from his employer.

Fabbre didn't have insurance on the home but he and his adopted family hope with donations from the community they can repair or rent a new house.

If you want to help the family, click here.

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