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Missing wallet returned by stranger, with thousands still inside

(Provided to Kristen Hampton) (Provided to Kristen Hampton)

Stories of missing wallets being found and returned to their owners, with all the contents still inside, aren’t rare.

This particular story is something many people believe, doesn’t happen anymore.

On Tuesday afternoon, Travis Stiles went into a convenience store in Mount Holly to get some drinks. Later that night, he noticed his wallet was missing.

“I came home and ordered some pizza, went to go pay for it with the card, couldn’t find it,” Stiles said.

His heart sank.

“I thought I was ruined,” Stiles said.

It wasn’t just any wallet that was missing, his future was inside.

“I’ve been fighting to get my disability for years, and I just deposited the check on Monday night,” Stiles said.

A debit card that can be used without a pin was inside. More than $2,000 was on the card, along with more than $100 in cash. All of the money Stiles had, was in that wallet.

He searched all over his house and car and found nothing. Then Stiles remembered his trip to the store.

“I called up at Britton’s and the lady said a gentleman had turned it in.”

Stiles went to the store to get it. He found every bit of his money was inside.

He posted a note on Facebook hoping to find the person that turned it in. He wanted the man to know, he left a small reward at the store.

On Thursday, we actually found that man. He didn’t have any interest in being on camera. We asked him why he turned it in. He said, “Because that might have been that man’s last dollar.”

He had no way of knowing. It actually was.

Anonymous or not, Stiles still wanted to thank the man for not only returning his wallet, but restoring his faith in humanity too.

“I really want to thank the gentleman from the bottom of my heart, because you’re an angel. I mean, I don’t know you, but you’re an angel. He was really looking out for me that day,” Stiles said. 

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