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Amarillo Housing First looking for trucks

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Amarillo Housing First is in desperate need of some major assistance follow a recent break down of their equipment.

The housing program that helps those looking for a home has been halted, and is in need of volunteers to help get them moving again. 

Helping out someone in need can be an easy process, especially when you have all the tools.

Recently the housing project experienced a crucial set-back after their moving truck broke down, leaving them stranded.

Amarillo Housing First is a program aimed at helping those in need by finding them a warm place to stay.

From there, the assistance from members of the community kicks in to fulfill the need.

With no visible end in sight as to when repairs on the truck will be completed, the program is at a stand-still and unable to help. 

The housing assistance program is looking for anyone with a large truck or trailer that is willing to donate their time and energy.

They are in need of individuals who can help pick up donated items, and also can help move them into homes of those in need.

The ability to lift and carry large objects is huge plus since some of the furnishings they deliver can be heavy.

If you have a truck and would like to help, call Amarillo Housing Project at (806) 414-2243.

During this cold winter season the ability to provide a furnished place to keep warm can mean a lot to someone.

Anyone with furniture they are not using that is in good condition can donate it to the program.

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