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Michael Slager, ex-police officer in Walter Scott case, sentenced to 20 years in prison

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Michael Slager, the ex-police officer shown on video shooting Walter Scott to death in 2015, will serve 20 years in prison, a judge ruled Thursday morning. 

Judge David Norton said Slager will spend 240 months in prison on a second-degree murder charge. Slager could have received anywhere from 19 to 25 years in prison.

However, Norton said Slager shooting Scott in the back was not justified.

Norton then moved forward with victim-impact statements from Scott's family. Judy Scott, Scott's mother, spoke first and said she was on the phone the morning he was pulled over by Slager.

Judy said she told her son to comply with the police, but the situation soon spun out of control when Scott was struck by Slager's stun gun.

"There was a moan and a groan like I never heard before," Judy said, explaining the sounds she heard as her son was stunned.

Judy, who spoke through emotions, locked eyes with Slager and said she forgave him for the shooting and to accept Jesus into his life.

The first trial against Slager ended in a mistrial, but he eventually pleaded guilty to an excessive force charge in the spring.

Testimony began Monday with the video of the Scott shooting being played for all in the courtroom. 

The video shows Scott running away from Slager as he's shot. Five of eight gunshots hit him.

Tuesday's testimony was filled with testimony from experts, including a video analyst who went through the cell phone video of the shooting frame-by-frame.

An audio examiner also told the judge he heard Scott say "[expletive] the police" in the recording.

Prosecutors claim Scott was never in a stance or position of power over Slager and that Slager had the upper hand. The defense, meanwhile, said he did make contact with Slager in the video, and that there's a struggle on the ground with fast movement shown in pictures of the slowed video.

There were also different opinions on which one of the two men got the Taser and threw it down. Slager claimed Scott grabbed it, and that's what led him to shoot him. But prosecutors say he was trying to get away from him the whole time.

Day three saw testimony from Scott's son, Miles Scott, who said said he missed his father every day, and that he cries because he won't see him again.

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