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Law enforcement officers from all over the nation gather for Trooper Allen's funeral

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Trooper Allen is not only survived by his wife and kids but also his brothers and sisters in police work. 

Troopers and officers took the time to travel hundreds of miles to show their support for Trooper Allen and his family Friday.

"Anytime we lose a Trooper nationwide, it affects us all. It's a very close-knit family nationwide and when one of us is lost in the line of duty, we feel it," Robby Woodward, a trooper with Louisiana State Police, said. 

"As often as we can, we try and come to these funerals just to let the communities, the families, and the other officers know that they're not alone in this and that we support them nationwide," Christian Newlin, a trooper with Utah Highway Patrol, said.  

So, hundreds of troopers and other law enforcement officers crossed state and county lines to pay their final respects to Trooper Allen.

"It doesn't matter what color uniform you wear, whether you work for a local, state or federal law enforcement agency, every day we put on the badge and we go to work to protect America and protect the citizens of this great state, this great country," Dan Harris Jr., the Chief Patrol Agent for the U.S. Border Patrol Academy said. 

And that's what they say Trooper Allen did. He not only sacrificed spending Thanksgiving with his family, but he ended up giving his life to serve and protect.

"Now, there'll be an empty plate, an empty seat at that table for Trooper Allen's family and so it's hard to breathe, it's hard to think about the tragedy that they're suffering... and knowing a loved one will always be gone from Thanksgiving dinner now," Harris added. 

The news of Trooper Allen's tragic death shook law enforcement agencies all over... and their hearts have been in Texas for some time now.

"It was very rough news to get, especially for Texas. We sent troopers down for Trooper Nipper's funeral as well and just so close on the heels of that, on Thanksgiving, knowing he had a family, it becomes even more important for us to be here," Newlin added. 

"We will never ever forget Trooper Allen. And so, he's what we call in the Border Patrol, our silent partner," Harris said.

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