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CTX shop offers glassblowing for the holidays

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Salado Glassworks has been in business for about six years now.

"I just love making, you know being able to just create is my favorite part about glassblowing," shop owner Gail Allard said.

Which is why he opens up his shop to the public every weekend, so they can create too.

"We picked out our colors and we went in and they heated the glass for us and we got to blow through the tube to make ourself the ornament, it was really neat," customer, Lisa Denwalt said.

A neat experience that Allard started himself just about 16 years ago.

"I was in college, an art student and I walked in and I was just kind of captivated by the process," Allard added.

It's a process that seems to have caught the eye of hundreds of people that visit the shop each weekend.

"In the sense of the experience itself it's a little bit of what I thought it would be, but then it's a little bit more because I didn't really realize how hard it is to blow some of that glass," customer Anthony Denwalt, said.

The hard task is made easy with helping hands from the artists.

"We can make this a tradition now" Anthony added.

Salado Glassworks is open all year and they host glass blowing event for 10 months of it.

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