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Family of murder victims at peace after judge sentenced convicted killer to death

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The family of three people killed in an Anderson County campsite in 2015 is at peace knowing the man suspected of killing their loved ones will not be able to hurt anyone else anymore.

On Thursday, 35-year-old William Hudson was sentenced to death for the murder of Hannah and Carl Johnson. They were two out of the six who officials said were killed while they were camping in Tennessee Colony on November 15, 2015. 

Nathan Kamp, 23, Austin Kamp, 21, and their father Thomas Kamp were among the six people murdered. Hannah Johnson who went to the campsite with her dad, Carl, his wife, Cynthia, and her 6-year-old Kade was Thomas' girlfriend.

Carina Lujambio who was Austin and Nathan's mother keeps the best memories of her two oldest sons.

"Nathan was the most loving and wholesome boy," Lujambio said. "Austin was always funny. Always thinking about the other people in the room."

Lujambio who was Thomas' ex-wife said her sons traveled from California to Texas to celebrate Nathan's recent promotion and upcoming birthday.

"It was a happy moment for two of the boys to go visit father," Lujambio said.

The mother of four said Thomas' brother called her to tell her the three of them had been killed.

"I just collapsed to the floor and started crying," Lujambio said. "

She recalls receiving another call the next day when their bodies and the body of Kade were recovered from a pond in Hudson's land.

"I lost any feeling. I just became numb. My body collapsed to the floor," Lujambio said.

Lujmabio who still lives in California said she has traveled to Texas for every hearing involving this case. In addition, she sat in the courtroom with her sons Quinton, 17, and Roland Lujambio, 15, every day during the trial.

She described it being difficult for her family to look at the pictures of her family members after they were shot.

The pictures, she said, didn't bring any emotion from Hudson.

"It was like looking into the face of a monster with no soul. It was pure evil," Lujambio said.

When he was sentenced to death by lethal injection, he didn't react.

On her end, she expected to feel relief and closure but she said those emotions didn't come.

"It was hard to celebrate the fact that another human being it's going to die. Although I'm happy that he is not going to have the opportunity to hurt another person," Lujambio said.

Lujambio who wears a pendant with the picture of Austin and Nathan said she knows they were satisfied with the outcome of the trial.

"I think they are smiling," Lujambio said. "They are feeling they've had their justice now."

One of their youngest brothers, Roland, who described feeling sadness after losing his two brothers and father is relieved with the decision.

"Toward Hudson, himself, I was never angry. I'm just happy now that he won't be able to hurt anybody else. Justice was served."

Roland said he know will try to keep living his life to the fullest in memory of his family members.

"Every day I'm going to live to make Nathan, Austin proud of me in their legacy," Roland said.

The only survivor after the murder was Carl's wife, Cynthia Johnson.

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