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Closing arguments in first Twin Peaks trial expected to start Thursday

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Closing arguments are expected to start on Thursday in the first trial over the Twin Peaks shootout.

The defense and state rested on Wednesday afternoon in the trial of the first biker on trial over the Twin Peaks shootout more than two years ago.

Christopher Jacob Carrizal who was indicted on charges of engaging in organized criminal activity and directing activities of a criminal street gang testified for the second day. Nine bikers died and dozens were injured after the Twin Peaks shooting. 

On day 19 of the trial, Carrizal admitted to wearing a yellow helmet the day of the shootout. A former Twin Peaks employee testified a man with a yellow helmet started the fight outside the Waco restaurant more than two years ago. 

Carrizal said he remembered her testimony but didn't think she had a good view from where she was standing. Prosecutor Michael Jarrett asked him if he knew another yellow helmet found at the scene belonged to another Bandido and he replied no. 

Jarrett also questioned the reason his group parked in front the bikers belonging to Cossacks instead seeking parking in other open spaces.

"You went in there in a large group and expected the Cossacks to back down," Jarrett told Carrizal.

He replied "No, sir. Not at all."

Carrizal described it as an ambush from the Cossacks and a traumatic experience those who lived it with him understood. He admitted to violating his bond conditions that didn't allow him to associate or talk to any motorcycle club members or witnesses.

"I feel normal. I feel like they understand what I'm going through and what I continue to go through," Carrizal said.

Jarrett also asked him about the "Expect No Mercy Patch" he earned after the Twin Peaks shooting before his indictment. Prosecutors have tried to prove it is given after committing an act of violence. However, Carrizal disagrees. 

"Being arrested on the spot, being in jail and not knowing when I will be released for the ongoing fight that I'm fighting," Carrizal said.

He did agree with Jarrett that not every Bandido present at Twin Peaks earned it.

Tyler Bandido President Jack Smitth who was the second rebuttal witness of the state testified that patch meant a biker had been injured defending the club.

The State also called in another rebuttal witness on Wednesday morning who was wearing a blue shirt and standing in front of the Don Carlos restaurant before the shooting started.

Keith Stefka testified being at that restaurant to make a reservation for 13 for a birthday party. He denied any association with law enforcement or any motorcycle club. 

The defense asked a detective earlier this week whether he thought there was something unusual about a man in a blue shirt outside Don Carlos scratching his head. That detective replied no. 

When the defense asked whether he knew a member of the Cossacks, he replied he did know one person through his ex-wife. 

The judge recessed the jury until Thursday morning at 9 a.m. Both parties are expected to give closing arguments and the judge will give instructions to the jury before deliberations, which is known as jury charge.

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