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Killeen PD SWAT team shares a look inside their training

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Scenarios taken from actual situations that the swat team could come across at any day is why they need to be trained thoroughly.

Detective Byron Goodsby said the types of situations they respond to makes their job far from easy.

“High-risk situations, barricaded subjects, hostage situations, anything that goes beyond the scope of what the normal patrol officer would do,” Goodsby said.

Killeen PD’s SWAT team was put to the test where decisions are made in a split second which means mistakes could be fatal.

However, the type of training not only helps the Killeen community but Detective Goodsby said it could also help surrounding areas if needed.

“In the tactical community there's a language, there are certain terms that every swat team knows there are certain movements that every SWAT team knows,” Goodsby said.

In addition to the swat team maintaining their composure in stressful situations, they're required to wear vest that could weight up to 50 pounds. And the fear, anxiety and threat level officers face every day is why training like this is critical and more important than ever.

“We're here to serve just like all police officers are here to serve, and in the event, we are called out and that were needed were there and we're trying to resolve everything as peacefully as possible,” Goodsby said.

The SWAT team is made up of 23 members three sergeants and a host of others on the negotiations team, who are all ready to respond in the event of any situation that calls for their skills.

“If they do call for our help they want to know they have a team that’s confident and a team that works together. We’re trying to make sure the community stays safe,” Goodsby said.

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